3/24/2020 COVID -19 related announcement. The Membership meeting scheduled for 4/15/2020 will be postponed until 5/13/2020. This is an effort to stay consistent with the Governor's order on events, businesses and other gatherings. Please note, the 5/13 date may change again. If the State of Emergency is still in place, then the board will come up with another option for the membership meeting to take place. 

11/17/2019  5:43PM   BCHA membership if you have not remitted your payment for the last billing please do so, as of date 47% of membership has not paid.  Call Pam Parker(Treasurer)702-755-9119 if you do not know your total owed.  You can pay using PayPay go to website bchanv.com and click PayPal button.  You can use credit or debit through this means also.  Please make sure to add the 3.3% to your total bill for processing charges.  Reminder there is a general membership meeting 11/20/2019 at 7PM at the Women's Club on Utah.  The bookkeeper will be present at checkin to accept payments.   The voluntary quarantine ends tomorrow. 

11/12/2019  2:39PM  BCHA Update:  Received Official Cancellation of Quarantine from State of Nevada Department of Agriculture.

11/7/2019  9:21PM   BCHA Update:  Horse at barn 84/85 has been having a temperature of 102. The horse has been tested. Hopefully will know test results by tomorrow. As of now, no changes to quarantine lift date. 

11/6/2019  9:15PM  BCHA President Update:    As you all know we have received good news from the Nevada State Department of Agriculture, that if no new cases occur by November 12, 2019, the mandatory quarantine will be lifted.  With that being said Dr. Huff has advised the Executive Board that we should do a "Voluntary" extension until November 18, 2019.  This would be in the best interest of the association as an added layer of precaution.  The Executive Board has decided to accept his advice.  These additional days will be under "Voluntary" quarantine with no horses in or out, as well as in arenas or round pens.  These actions are being taken by the Executive Board to serve the best interests of many of our concerned members.  We have heard arguments from both sides.  In all, the key word is "Voluntary", as we cannot mandate or enforce the actions you take with your horse.  The word denotes "Hey just be careful for 6 more days after November 12, 2019".  During this time if you choose to take your animals off your lots, that's your perogative.  Please don't interact with animals at other lots and be cautious of interactions with other animals you may meet along the roadways.  So again, this is a personal choice.  Other advisements, do not enter other peoples lots uninvited.  If there is a sign at a lot that says do not ride here stay away and respect your fellow members wishes.  We are also asking keep dogs at home, during this time.  Continue temperature monitoring and bio security measures.  To reiterate:  The Nevada State Department of Agriculture Quarantine IS officially LIFTED on NOVEMBER 12, 2019, barring no further cases.  No matter what anyone thinks, NO one person's horse is more important than the next person.  Thank You.

11/6/2019  7:30AM  BCHA President Update: Tests results from 11/4/2019 were negative.  As of 11/5/2019 per the Nevada Department of Agriculture, the official lift date for the quarantine is tentatively set for November 12, 2019. Again barring any further cases and outstanding tests. We will go from Nov 12, 2019 to Nov 18, 2019 on a voluntary quarantine as that was the date originally stated by Dr. Huff and Dr. Simmons. All bio security measures are to remain in effect.  

11/4/2019  5:52PM   BCHA Update:  All test results are Negative to date.  Per Dr. Huff quarantine lift date has been set for November 18, 2019.  This is barring anymore new cases.  Thank you. 

11/4/2019  4:00PM  BCHA President Update:  The first 55 gallon drum of AG Wash has arrived.  The Equipment/Arena committee will formulate a plan to start applying in the common areas, as well as arenas and round pens.  The arenas and round pens will be locked back up once treated until after quarantine is lifted.  The water truck spray will be set on minimum for roadways.  As for the blood test results on the horses, we are still waiting.  More to follow.  Thank you.  

11/1/2019  3:56PM  BCHA President update:  Horse at Lots 82/83 spike temperature of 103 but has steadily gone down and is currently holding at 98.5 and is showing not other signs that other horses have had.  Dr. Huff is awaiting test results.  In meantime horse is being isolated at own barn. 

10/29/2019 9:27PM BCHA President update: Another horse at lots 141/142 has spiked a 105 temperature. Per Dr. Huff and Dr. Simmons the horse will be moved via trailer tomorrow to the approved quarantine stalls, which will be constucted by Bill, George and Scott. They were both satisfied with the location and distance from other lots/barns. Dr. Huff will be out tomorrow to check other horses on those lots. As a note, we are experiencing our 2nd night of extrmely high winds. Dirt is blowing around freely and long distances. There is nothing we can do about it, unfortunately. Please continue bio security, taking temperatures, keep manure in enclosures or if remove keep on lots and covered and keep all animals in their enclosures. Thank you.

10/28/2019 4:07PM We were just informed the horse confirmed from October 25, 2019 did not make it. At this time we would like to extend our prayers and sorrows to all of our members that have lost

their loved ones. 

10/28/2019  3:24  Per the Vets:  There are no reported new cases since October 25, 2019.  The horse reported on that date is still showing symptoms per Dr. Huff and we pray that horse pulls through.  Dr. Simmons(the state vet) and Dr. Huff state that the clock for quarantine starts when the last horse is diagnosed.  So 21 days from that date.  Per Dr. Frehner the are no cases reported outside in the Las Vegas area.  Per the vets, including Dr. Madigan of UC Davis, to know what horse or horses carries this virusis impossible to determine.  People just need to continue practicing bio security and understand these illnesses are part of the equine industusty, unfortunately.  For those who have subscribed to the EDCC site for alerts, the EHV1 virus has been discovered in a number of states, including Virginia recently.  We are doing all the preventative measures best we can, including the delivery of the AG Wash next week.  We will also be determining a location for a few quarantine stalls for the future, as recommended by the vets.  More to follow as we get it.  Thank you.

10/26/2019  12:10PM  BCHA President suggests anyone having questions about AG Wash please go to their website www.synbiontagwash.com

10/25/2019  5:40PM   BCHA President to Membership please kindly remind those who come to visit our association, that are not members, we are under quarantine and members only at this time permitted on property. Thank you 

10/25/2019   5:39PM   President Update on latest blood tests. 2 horses tested at lots 141&142. One is negative EHV1. Unfortunately the other horse is positive EHV1 with the Neuro strain. Dr. Huff once again strongly states nobody should be mucking, visiting or feeding at others barns. Stay with your own lot. Bio security is paramount. In addition, as a reminder, there is no vaccination against the EHV1 with the neuro component. More to follow as it comes in. Thank you 

10/24/2019  1:49PM  Dr. Huff:   Vaccination status is immaterial as there is no vaccination protecting against the neuropathic EHV 1 which is what is being dealt with at the BCHA.

10/24/2019   12:29PM  BCHA will be purchasing their first 55 gallon drum of the AG Wash today.  We WILL make this a regular part of our budget going forward.  It will become common practice going forward to regularly spray the arenas, round pens and roads.  This practice will also be utilized for events held at the BCHA.  What we do in the common areas will only be as good as what people do on their own lots.  Thank you.

10/24/2019  10:31AM   BCHA President spoke with Dr. Wyatt Winchell of Desert Pines at 8:30 AM this morning.  To clarify there are NOT 4 more sick horses to their knowledge, ONLY 2.  Those 2 are being tested and are from the opposite side of the association from the original group of sick horses.  As for the mention of the "4 horses" that was their update on the 4 horses tested from the first row.  2 by Dr. Frehner and 2 by Dr. Huff.  All 4 were positive with the EHV1 with a Neuropathic Stain.  In addition, it was their opinion all 4 of these horses were either not vaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated.  As for horses that visited from outside such as events or practices there are no cases of horses thus far with symptoms.  Continue to practice bio security and limit the movement of horses around the Association.  The vets are hoping we are now at the tail end of  this strain.  More to follow as it is recieved.  Thank you. 

10/23/2018  3:50 PM   At 3:36 PM 10/23/2019 Dr Huff reported to the BCHA Executive Board that he is in reciept of the bloodwork results and it has been confirmed as EHV1 

10/22/2019   4:13PM   Per the Dept of Agriculture the BCHA is under Mandatory Quarantine as of 3:38 PM today.  NOTHING IN NOTHING OUT.  It will be enforced by Dept of Ag, Boulder City Animal Control and Boulder City Police Department.  Keep horses on your lots.  Test results are still pending.  Updates will be provided as they are made available. 

10/21/2019  4:34PM   BCHA President has spoken with Animal Control and State Vet.  State said all we can can do is wait on test results and practice biosecurity at this point.  No movement of horses to and from corrals or within the corrals is suggested.  He has been monitoring the situation and will be in contact as soon as he reviews the findings. 

10/20/2019  8:26PM   Executive Board would like to remind everyone that Biosecurity practice means stay to your OWN lot please.  Keep your horses on the lot and in their stalls.  Do not trespass on other members lots under any circumstances.   We will update as soon as updated by vet, no further information at this time. 

10/20/2019  2:30PM   The Executive Board has reached a quorum to lock down the arenas and round pens due to the spead of an unconfirmed virus that has downed 5 horses thus far at the BCHA.  As we learn more from Desert Pines Equine on the test results, hopefully by Tuesday, we will advise on further precautions and suggested remedies by the vets.  If you have furthur concerns about your horses please see your personal vets.  Thank you. 

10/19/2019:   5:01PM BCHA President Update:  As of now we are waiting on blood test results from UC Davis about whether it's herpes virus or not.  As of now, 3 horses have been put down.  The doc has tested 4 horses and diagnosed 7 thus far with similar symptoms.  It's a "Voluntary Quarantine" at this point.  The vet figures that it has been going around since mid-September or earlier at this point.  But incubation periods have already set in or come and gone for some horses at this point.  More to follow as we learn test results. 

10/19/2019:    9:42AM  We wanted to inform you that there is Equine Influenza active at the BCHA. Please limit interactions inbetween animals without following proper handwashing procedures.  Flu vaccinations are available through your veternarian please consult them for details.  This is NOT strangles. 

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