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Building Character through Horsemanship Beginning Horseback Riding Classes

Classes teach you to lead, saddle & ride a horse, understand its behavior & read its language. Strength, confidence & respect for nature are a few benefits of this sport. Skills that are necessary to develop proper riding style & etiquette are taught. Ground school horse care techniques will be taught when weather is not favorable for riding. 

Instructor Bonnie Fikri.

Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department

900 Arizona Street 702-293-9256


The horseback riding instructors are city employees. They are paid a percentage of the cost of the lessons and ALL registrations and/or payments are taken at the Boulder City's Parks and Recreation main office.  Instructors are only to be conducting lessons through the Parks and Recreation program and not independently at the BC arena.   All lessons are to be conducted in the Boulder City Arena Only.  Participants or their guardian are also required to fill out the BCHA release of liability form provided by BCHA.  

Currently the city has 2 instructors.  Jessie Mix teaches English at all levels and western intermediate.  Bonnie Fikri was recently hired when Virginia Perkins retired to teach beginning horseback.  The city has every student sign a City of Boulder City release of liability as well as the BC Horseman’s Association release of liability.


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Instructor Jessie Mix has been riding for 28 years now and training riders for 18 years. Her riders learn from the ground up by haltering, grooming, tacking/untacking as well as riding with safety as a priority. She specializes in hunter/jumper, equitation, and confidence building with 3 lesson horses available for riders aged 6 and up. 

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