Quarantine Protocol

EFFECTIVE 10/30/2019


President sets new protocol for a sick horse. It will be as follows. 

1. Vet is notified 

2  President or other Executive board member is notified; Executive board member to be present to assist and oversee protocol 

3. Owner is responsible for moving horse to quarantine pens. Location TBD. Must use a trailer to move. Do not walk horse over. Borrow another members trailer if needed. 

4 Owner or owner appointed representative are the only ones allowed in quarantine area for feeding, cleaning and watering . 

5. Disinfectant station will be set up for when a person leaves quarantine area. 

6. Only vet and owner of that particular sick horse are allowed in the quarantine pen area. A selected board member and Bill are the only other people permitted back there if really needed. 

7. If a horse passes, only the vet, owner and the person removing the horse are the only ones allowed in the quarantine area during that removal. 

8. When driving vehicle to quarantine area to check on a horse, park at least 10-15 yards from stalls as a safety zone. Disinfectant station will be about that distance from the stalls. 

9.  Trailer that transported horse is to remain in quarantine area until disinfected 

More to follow and please bear with us as we start implementing these new protocols. Thank you